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Keep yourself free for in early Feb for STEM Advocacy : Emma Schuff, one of your local FIRST Senior Mentors, shares some exciting news with you. With the help of the FIRST Wisconsin State Advocacy Committee, they are planning to host our first ever State Advocacy Day at the Capitol building in Madison in early February.

Contact for : Emma Schuff, 

FIRST® Senior Mentor, Wisconsin

200 Bedford Street  |  Manchester, NH        03101  |

Phone:  920.574.0179  | 

Connect:  @firstweets  |  facebook

Basic Outreach Tips and Ideas: 

  • Start off the season with a brainstorming session, have everyone on the team come up with a few outreach ideas. This ensures that everyone on the team is actively participating in outreaching events. 

  • USE YOUR CONNECTIONS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Any teams that you have talked to, any mentors, and fellow team members can help the outreach process. Contact fellow teams to brainstorm ideas and work together. Ask your mentors and fellow team members for additional contacts and spread the word about your outreach events. 

  • Remember : New FTC Season starts when the previous season journey for your team ends. Use the entire year, particularly Spring and Summer for outreach, so that you can get busy with Build in Fall and Competing in Winter!

  • Examples of Outreach Events: 

    • Events where you can sell stuff/fundraise as well as spread FIRST are great, try festivals, fairs, etc over the summer

    • Mentoring FLL teams 

    • STEM and FIRST presentations at your local schools (elementary through high school)

    • Food and Clothing Drives 

Here are some Outreach ideas from teams in Wisconsin!

Haz do good.png

Team 13201 Hazmat:

  • Participate in MakerFaire Milwaukee 

  • Presentations and demos at local middle and high schools 

  • Local community centers and facilities (Children's Hospital, Maruf Center)

  • Partnering with other teams (BEAST STEM Camp)

  • School Events (Hazmat STEM Expo, Hazmat Scrimmage, Freshman Orientation, School Board Meetings)

  • Advocacy (both State Representatives and School Board Members)

  • Meeting with other teams across Wisconsin, the nation, and the world

  • Initiatives - Project WISER - Women Inspired in STEM, Engaged by Robotics - Start a new All Girls Team - Superstellar

  • Skill video series on CAD, ESD, Season summary / Portfolio videos

Team 19367 Alien II : 

  • Explore STEM Park & Rec Classes - afterschool with elementary students

  • Instagram connections and meeting with FTC teams around the world

  • Mash creation and distribution

  • Homework helper

  • Volunteering at community events 

  • Made a float and marched in the Greendale 4th of July Parade

  • Met with local and national legislators to promote STEM funding

  • Created and ran a continuing "STEM Sisters" online event to connect girls across the country who are interested in STEM with university students and STEM professionals

  • Shared about Robotics and FIRST at MSOE's Alumni Night

alien do good.png

Team 9956 The Knack:

  • Hosting a qualifier 

  • FIRST Ladies Regional Partner (an organization working to bringing in and empowering women in FIRST)

  • Kicking off a Milwaukee Wave Game on April 2nd with a robot

  • Research project aimed towards uncovering how kids heard about FIRST, and identifying what barriers may have prevented them from starting or succeeding

Team 8680 Kraken Pinion :

  • RI3H Robot in 30 Hrs 

  • Battle Bot Challenges at various events

  • KPOpinions review series

  • Demos to Students at the Mathnesium 

  • THAT Conference

  • Science Night

  • Girls who code

  • Booth at Apple Fest


Team 19417 Superstellar : 

  • Candy Drive for our soldiers and refugees

  • Interview series with Women Leaders in STEM  - youtube series

  • Presentations in Elementary and Middle Schools

  • STEM activity & engagement sessions for elementary students

Team 16460 GEarheads:

  • Computer Outreach (taking and fixing recycled computers to give out to teams that are in need of computers)

  • Skill Share Videos (sharing youtube videos teaching people basic mechanical skills) - Agile Sprints, Metal Fabrication

  • Meet Professionals


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