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FTC WI.R.E.S : FTC WIsconsin Rises to Enable STEM growth

An initiative aimed to improve the number of FTC teams in Wisconsin by collaboration between Wisconsin FTC teams and instigate a sense of community and work cohesively for the growth of the program in the state.

Vision : Establish an engaged FTC community in Wisconsin
Mission : Collate and share resources, ideas, learnings and contacts between new teams and existing teams in Wisconsin

Target : 100 FTC teams in Wisconsin

ftcwires Software Platform for easy autonomous coding

(designed for Rookie teams to have a good autonomous mode at their first qualifier!)


New:  FTC WIRES Blocks Platform for CENTERSTAGE with Open CV Based Team Element Detection Click here for details

Includes OpenCV based Vision Processor Helper Class in OnBot Java for creating vision blocks for Team Element Detection , 

Sample code for autonomous path.


Updated: : FTC WIRES Software Platform for CENTERSTAGE with 9.0.1 and RR 1.10 is now released. Click here for details

Integrates New Roadrunner 1.10 for motion planning , Vision library for Pixel detection, OpenCV based Team Element Detection (New)

Sample code for autonomous path.


From Kickoff Celebrations in Wisconsin

Game Strategy Workshop (by 13201 Hazmat) from UPSTAGE kickff at MSOE We Energies STEM Center:  Click here to watch

Business Strategy Workshop (by 13201 Hazmat) : Click here to watch


8680 Kracken Pinion hosted Robot in 30 Hours with 8 teams joining the build 4115 Men In Kilts, 4116 Volta Robotics, 7974 Great Scott!, 9225 Dynamic Social Club, 10100 Phoenix Force, 16460 GEarHeads, 21180 Error 418 - . Watch the robot reveals and the day1 tournament! at @FIRSTUPDATESNOW youtube channel


Building Community - Piloting a Local FTC Mentor Network

New initiative by FIRST Wisconsin to mentors to learn and share and help in developing new mentors. 

Read about it : 

Click here to Join the network

Join the mailing list to get FIRST Wisconsin Newsletters:


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